Body Intensive Trainer Video Library

Welcome to our videos, please click on a video to see the correct form and technique for each exercise.

Introduction to the BIT

Its easy to use and is your whole Gym in a Bag. The BIT will work your whole body!

BIT Warm Ups

Before any exercise programme it is important to fully warm up

BIT Beginner Workout 1

Wholebody exercise plan for beginners, 35 mins, either do 1 set or repeat. 12-15 reps each exercise, 30 secs rest in between


Land training programme for swimmers

Whole body exercise programme


BIT Squat and Jump Squat

Build power, strength and endurance in your legs with this great exercises​

Pistol Squat & Reverse Lunge

Combination exercise to work the legs

BIT Chest Fly

A great bodyweight exercise that will work the arms, back, chest & core

BIT Bodyweight Plank

How to perform a bodyweight plank that will see you build a super strong core​​

BIT 2 Handed Straight Arm Rotation

A great upper body and core workout to build strength and stability

BIT Hamstring Curl

Hamstring curls are great for strengthening lower back, lower core, quads and of course hamstrings. To make it more challenging lift the hips higher off the ground during the movement

BIT Atomic Push Up

Build chest, arms and core power with this whole body exercise


A strong back helps to balance out your front, these ROWs will build strong back muscles for power and endurance​​

BIT Bent to Straight Arm Plank

Work your deep core muscles with this advance move, ensure you try to keep a flat body position at all times.

BIT Bodyweight Hot Hands Plank A Whole body exercise to develop a strong core and increase hip stability

BIT Single Leg Burpee

A great all over bodyweight exercise which you can regress or progress depending on your ability

BIT Body Saw

An amazing core workout for the advanced, to make it even harder push your body back further but you must ensure you maintain a flat plank position and engage the core fully throughout the exercise

BIT Bulgarian Split Lunge

A fantastic single leg squat to develop quads, hamstrings, lower back & core strength. To increase resistance move starting position further forward from the anchor point

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