Improving Your Performance

We want to get you fitter than you have ever been:

  • Build Strength, Speed & Power

  • Lose unwanted body fat

  • Achieve your fitness goals

  • Be the best version of you


We do this through our easy to follow workouts, simple but delicious meal plans and by keeping you super motivated to reach your goals. 


You can achieve anything once you have decided fully that it is what you want to do. Having a personal trainer or personal coach guild you each step of the way will ensure that you get the most out of each session and to help keep you focused on the goals you have set together.

Personal Training 

We offer Personal Training and online Coaching for people of all levels who want to reach their goals. The key elements in all training and coach is about staying motivated, getting results and honesty between the coach and client. We recognise that every client has their own individual needs and we know that every client requires individual and group support to achieve their goals.


We have online personal training & nutrition programmes that are targeted to your goals, structured and planned so that you succeed! We provide you with the information and tools you need to lose or gain weight and/or build a fitter leaner, stronger body.


Our structured workout plans will cater for your ability and fitness levels and goals, and there are videos of exercises so you can perform the correct technique. Depending on the programmes that you have with us, we will create and monitor your nutrition via our own mobile app so you can stick to your weight loss or gain goals.

BIT Coach Strength

 We have been working for many years with sports teams and athletes to help them become stronger for their chosen sport. Our Body Intensive Trainer (BIT)  Suspension Bodyweight Training Straps can be used by athletes as young as 9 and caters for all fitness abilities.


Just some of the teams, clubs & athletes we have worked with include:

Mark Foster Swim Academy

World Champion Gig Rowing Club

Swimming clubs - both children and adults

Royal Navy

Running Clubs

Triathlon Clubs

Ironman athletes - UK and International





Schools & Colleges


Our Coach Strength Course is for Coaches & Trainers who want to become qualified to instruct suspension bodyweight training to their athletes. We offer both online and in-person training courses, find out more by clicking on the link below 



Exercise & Nutrition App

We use our own idailyworkout exercise and nutrition app for all our clients, giving them the ability to:


Create workout plans with access to over 2000 exercises and activities. Plans suit fitness levels, goals, & equipment available.


Track nutrition – create a personalised nutrition plan and track food – this supports weight loss or gain, muscle gain and cardio performance. A personal food log connects to a database with thousands of foods.


Be part of our online community and share your progress with others that are on similar journeys.


Set personal goals, join in with challenges & earn rewards to boost motivation.


Schedule sessions and log activities/workouts. Progress is automatically tracked showing calories burned and fitness points earned.

Access to programmes whilst on the move using the Mobile App.

Please Click on the link below for information on our Personal Training

Our Online Coaching programmes start from £85 for a 12 week course  

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