Swim Performance has moved!!


We are so excited to have moved to our new home here at the Body Intensive Trainer.


For over 5 years we have been training and getting amazing results for our clients using our Suspension Bodyweight Trainer, the BIT.  


We still love all things Swimming and want to build on that love for it by focusing on your strength and whole body conditioning.


If you are a Swimmer who has suffered from an injury in the last 12 months we can help you to build your body stronger so that you recover fully, become faster and build in as much injury prevention as possible into your training.





We fully recognise that sometimes its hard to get as much time as you would like in the pool. Busy work and lifestyle patterns can dictate when and how we train and that's where the BIT comes in handy. This completely portable piece of kit can be used at the office, at home, in the gym or even on poolside. Just a 20-30 minute workout 3 times a week will build whole body strength that will see amazing improvements to your swimming speed, stamina and performance. 


The way in which you move on the BIT relates completely to the movements that you do while swimming, meaning that you target specific muscles and develop more Strength, Speed and Stamina throughout your whole body more effectively than when using fixed or free weights. As you are also using your own bodyweight you risk less injury and it is safe to use with young swimmers from 9 years to those over 90+.


We at the Body Intensive Trainer are here to help you every step of the way with our easy to follow step by step video demonstraions via our online and face 2 face coaching programmes as well as regular and updated blogs featuring the latest information and techniques that will transform your training and racing.


If you would like more information please do contact us at info@idailyworkout.com

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