Rob Webb

After breaking his back in 5 places while out on exercise with the Army at the age of 20 Robs dream of being a Physical training instructor was at an end. So he went in to computer hardware and software, then later into Business Change and developing performing teams.

Fast forward to 2011 and Rob requalified as a level 3 Personal Trainer, UK Master Trainer, NLP Practitioner, Strength & Conditioning Coach and Sports Nutritionist.


Rob is co-founder of iDailyWorkOut Ltd, a company specialising in functional fitness and strength & conditioning from complete beginners to experienced professional athletes.

Involved in competitive sport for over 30 years, Rob is a keen ultra-runner and endurance cyclist.

Robs passion is to help people realise their potential within all aspects of their lives and sporting activities. This can be achieved through challenging limiting beliefs and building strength in the mind and body to help increase stamina and endurance through the correct use of nutrition planning, effective whole body workouts and regular feedback from your coach.

On 14th April 2018 rob will be running from Toulouse to Santiago over 1000km in under 17 days. All for charity. 

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