Body Intensive Trainer "BIT"

Body Intensive Trainer "BIT"

The Body Intensive Trainer "BIT" consists of:
Polypropylene webbing fabric, with a single attachment
1x stainless steel length adjustment buckle
2x ergonomic rubber hand grips
2x foot straps
1x carabiner
Storage bag

In addition, a 35 page BIT manual is included which details the product and provides:
5 pre-built exercise programmes
Over 20 exercises explained and illustrated
  • Details

    The Body Intensive Trainer "BIT" allows you to exercise using your own bodyweight as resistance for a total body workout. It will activate deep core muscles, increase muscle strength, endurance, metabolic rate, balance and coordination and activate your whole kinetic chain to achieve total body strength and conditioning.

    At just over 0.9 KG it can be taken anywhere with minimal storage requirements.

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