BIT Trainer & 12 week online Training Programme

BIT Trainer & 12 week online Training Programme

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This combination gives you a Suspension Bodyweight Trainer called the BIT (Body Intensive Trainer) and a 12-week online training programme - everything you need to truly build whole body strength, speed and stamina into your everyday life and training and/or racing.


  • Suspension Bodyweight Trainer
  • 12-week Suspension Bodyweight Training Programme
  • Meal plans
  • Recipe eBook
  • Warmups
  • Stretching
  • Exercise video LibraryAll workouts are videoed for you to follow along with.
  • For all levels of fitness


  • Details

    The BIT allows you to use your own weight as resistance as you work the whole body to build lean muscle as well as strip fat, improve balance & stability that will help prevent you from injuries.

    This special package also gives you a 12 week online training programme suitable for all ages and fitness abilities, catered for beginners right through to elite athletes. Videos of exercises and workout programmes guide you through each step.

    The plan includes important warm up routines, stretching and flexibility and a nutrition plan.

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