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Robs 1000km....Day 14 to Day 17...the End is in Sight

Day 14 - another big day ahead.

Thank you to everyone who has donated!!

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Do you have to be mental or do you have to be mentally prepared?

No for the former and Yes for the mental prep, then you have to want to push your boundaries and the limiting beliefs of yourself and those that others put on you.

Day 14!! Reflections.

Where has 2 weeks gone?!?

3 days left until Santiago - I honestly don’t know where the time has gone!

Over 400 miles on foot and another 85 to go. This trip has pushed my boundaries further than I had ever imagined.

I have loved meeting people from a lover the world. Spending a few moments together with some and walking the whole day with others.

The camino puts life in perspective and for that one reason I am so glad that I have (almost) done it.

This is an amazing thing to do.

Forget your plush hotels, your fancy power showers. Strip it all back, listen to people’s stories and be part of life. 😀

Today has been full of so many dramatic landscapes that I have tried to capture some of them.

Food is a big part of the Camino, when you are walking all day you want a lot of food.

Markers: now this really got me today. There are way markers at this point every turn and they are all showing the distance left to Santiago.

OMG! We still have over 120km left I don’t kneed you to tell me every 250 meters how far I have travelled in the last 250 meters!! Someone in the government knows about this and is having a right laugh about it 😳😳

Buen Camino!! The words spoken by everyone on the way. Have a good Way!

Day 15 only 127km to go!! This was my view this morning, oh and my breakfast 😀

Time to relax and enjoy the last 100km into Santiago

100, 99 come on last bit .....

Well that was amazing!!

The last 10 k of the day!! #thehardestever

Well it’s been a day of two half’s.

This morning I was feeling with loads of energy and dosed up in ibuprofen.

This afternoon my energy was flagging and I had to play games with my mind to keep pushing hard.

32 miles covered today

My starter for dinner was the pasta (enough for two😀) then the burger is my main.

Some more pics from today - Templar churches, amazing countryside, trees over 700 years old

Day 16 !?!WTF?!?

I have covered over 130 miles in the last 4 days and now only 46 more to go!!

All down hill from here and other things that I can’t hear right now.

Well that was emotional!!

27.5 miles covered today! It rain solidly for the last 2 hours of the day.

I am currently tucked up in bed because I am so cold. Time for a little sleep then food.

So many people have ponchos on, the coloured ones look like something from packman

Emotional week!!

Last day tomorrow into Santiago, then I can rest and enjoy the city 😀😀

213 miles in the last 7 days and over 460 miles in the last 16 days.

I need some new trainers!!

Day 17! Just 35 km today than sleep 😀

10 miles to go!!

Mmmm, look what I found in my pack!

Get in my tummy!!

2 miles to go!!

Get inspired and then inspire someone else!!

Done, finished, complete

Just over 500 miles covered on foot from Toulouse to Santiago in 17 days

It’s bean a blast, the good bits and the not so good bits

It’s going to take a few days to process it all. The days have melted into one another.

I have checked into my hotel, showered and am off to get my Compostela.

I will update you all with my drink of choice for this evening and my lunch / dinner 😀😀

Thank you for your support it’s been bloody amazing!! More importantly if you have sponsored me, thank you! You are helping to change people’s lives!

If you haven’t yet sponsored me and we’re waiting for me to finish just to make sure that I did it, then now is the perfect time to do it.

Click on the link to donate. 😀

Looks like I will have to queue for 17 days to get my Compostela!

I am currently having my biggest WTF moment of the trip.

This line is expected to be 2 - 3 hours long

I want some lunch

Worst feeling in the world when you realise the guy in front of you has 10 Compostela passports in has hand and his 9 other mates rock up?!?

What every happened to good old fashioned queuing?!?

Mine all mine!

Queued for almost 2 hours, then a Very nice man gave me my Compostela and even though I had to use the train for a bit of it he used the whole mileage from Toulouse. Which was nice

Day 18, the trip back........

Sorry but not today. ☹️

So what is the Camino?

Adventure Community People Yourself Reflection Food Wine Beer Shared experiences Scenery Culture History Peace Inner calm Rediscovering your love Pushing your boundaries Pushing your belief in what is possible Restoring your belief in the human race

It is all of these things and so much more!

In the early stages from Toulouse it was 4 days of tarmac for 150 miles, then on the 5 day I picked up the French side of the Camino for 23 miles.

It was very muddy and very hard to follow with small hard to find markers and I got lost several time (knee deep in mud and cow muck).

Into St Jean Pied de Port, what a place. The history, the buildings and the feel of the town was amazing. So amazing I stayed for the day and I started to slip behind my scheduled 35 mile average a day. Still I was enjoying myself.

The French roads took it out of my legs (almost broke me) so much so that once I had climbed over the Pyrenees I was unable to walk down the other side. It took me much longer to get down than I had planned and only managed 30 miles that day instead of the 40 I had planned to start making up some miles.

Those early days are all a haze as my body was adjusting to this new life of constant movement.

The best moment from those first 6 days, the wild horse 🐴 I saw at the top of the mountain. With the sun shining, the warm air blowing me sideways, I looked up and there was the most beautiful horse. As wild as the wind and mountain. It could never be broken or tamed. It was. Physical manifestation of the mountain, everything about it was power and beauty. Simply amazing!!

This morning I have had home made marmalade oh so good!!

Have a great morning, I will be drinking coffee is this beautiful city watch the world go by 😀

My Cole toon of stamps from the Camino. They have been hard won. I love them all, even the not so good French ones.

Good bye Spain! You have been amazing. I cannot do a breaking up video for you like I did for leaving France. You have been too good to me and Like all holiday romances (as in where you have been, not who you have been with),I will hold you in my soul forever.

I will return to the Camino, the country, the people, the food and the wine.


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