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How we helped a Swimmer gain Strength and much more

This is best bit about our job, helping people achieve their goals and so much more! Thanks for such great feedback and Happy 50th !!!

Client Feedback:

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Ali, I started on a 12 week strength programme to primarily improve my strength in the pool as I was finding my joints were aching more than my muscles after a long session so I felt it was time to work on increasing my muscle mass. I felt the benefits almost immediately, in the pool I felt so much stronger after just a few workouts with Ali and the swim sessions became so much more enjoyable as they were less painful! 12 weeks on aside from the physical difference in my body, I distinctly notice that my form in the pool is not deteriorating especially with a speed session, I am able to maintain good technique and strong form without it slipping which it used to when I was getting fatigued. As a bonus I have lost 6kg (71.7kg - 65.8kg) lost 12 inches from the whole body, my fat is down from 32.4% to 28%, I have a 3% increase in lean muscle, a reduction in visceral fat and my metabolic age has gone from 43 to 34! I will happily take that as I am 50 next week! So once again a huge thank you to Ali, her one to one sessions are hard work but great fun and I come away highly motivated to keep on working hard, she really knows her stuff and she works hard at understanding you, your body and what you need to achieve the best version of yourself. If you are reading this and are thinking of signing up on a programme don't hesitate because if you follow the plan and do what is required you WILL get results. As Ali says if it doesn't challenge you it doesn't change you!"

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