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Robs 1000k....Day 9 to Day 13

Day 9...On to Logrono from Estrella I was aiming for 50 ish km today and managed almost 30km and then I walked last a hostel with a pool!?! I had to stop for the day. It’s 13:30 now and I lasted only 5 mins in the pool - and I only got to my mid thighs. I could not face going any deeper. 😳 It’s been a really hard day today. My knees have swollen to almost double their normal size. It’s been the hardest mentally and physically since I started 9 days ago. It’s Sunday in Spain so not many places open today but I did manage to stop and have a good shot of coffee once today. After that the world felt a little bit better. Ali booked a summer holiday for us this week, so I have been thinking about that a lot today. Thinking about how good it would be to be sat on a sun bed on a beach with soft white sand and a little bit of liquid refreshment. So for the rest of the day if you need me I will be drinking (hydrating - not really) beer and soaking my leg in the pool. Oh, that pool looks great, but it’s bloody cold!!

Day 10...Early start this morning from the most beautiful little village almost unchanged from the Middle Ages. My walking buddies for today. Some breakfast in Viana - the bacon is amazing!! Walked past one of the largest stone gardens that I have ever seen - someone had far to much time on there hands. When you are walking like this you see everything, every little detail. There is so much history to see. Just brilliant!!

Ok, maths people

I have 7 days left to complete this challenge.

How screwed am I?

You have 30 seconds from now to answer...........

The correct answer is:


Long day today 37 ish miles 60 ish km.

Done for the day, time to put my feet up the wall.

Day 11.....I may have fixed my little math problem.....

Longer hours & a bike

Not sure if this is classed as my third breakfast or just a snack?!?

As most of my posts to day have been about food, I thought i would show you my lunch.

Ah, sorry you missed it, just some of my Estrella left. Now for a coffee.

It’s was very dark and wet at the start of day 11. I am now 25 miles into my day today or 41km or 7 hours or 4 good stops depending on how you would like to look at it.

My knees are feeling better, my feet still hurt but then it’s not that much of a heard shop really.

Today is all about pushing to Burgos about 46 km or 27 miles so we will have to see how it goes. 😳

I am taking this opportunity to charge my phone and my backup battery is flat and there were no charging points in the hostel last night.

This is not a walking trip it’s all about tasting local food. 😀

The life of hard knocks and hard truths.

Hard one to post this:

Ok, so after talking to people at lunch today and Ali Phesse I have taken the hard choice to jump ahead by train to Astorga so that I can enjoy (well not be in as much pain over that mountains) the trail in to Santiago.

It’s been a really hard choice to make, but one that ultimately my body will thank me for.

I have completed over 350 miles on foot in the last 11 days, I am immensely proud of what I have done so far and looking forward to the next 100 miles over the coming 6 days.

Day 12 - I have a Friday feeling on a wednesday😀😀

Restless sleep so I have only just got up and having breakfast.

It’s a 45 - 50 km day today, it’s getting very busy in the Camino so the hostels and hotels are very full.

A little stat for all you stat lovers, I did just over 300,000 steps last week.

That’s enough steps for a month if your target is 10,000 steps a day 😀

Mountains, snow and with just a hint of running 😀 perfect

The mound upon which you place your worries or hopes.

Just came into this amazing village and well I had to stay.

The pool and pint were calling. A pilgrimage is not all about suffering, it’s about discovering things about yourself. I have rediscovered that I like hotels in the sun with pools and ice cold beer!

It’s all relative.

In order for me to get to the pool as quickly as possible my pack had to vomit all over my bed, I think it’s a nice room, I have not really Seen it yet. And so to the view. Stunning!!

For now I am going to enjoy the pool 😀

Now this little beauty came along just in time. Not the pint but the French bread type thing. It’s so amazing that I got one for my breakfast tomorrow.

Oh and I just had a massage and just about resisted crying. Only just 😭😭

Day 13...And so I must leave my mountain top hide away and decent into the clouds

Digging deep today, my left foot is really swollen and the anterior tibialis (front of the shin) is locked up.

So thats fun then.

On and it’s proper cold, I have had to put my trousers on?!?

Having said all that, coffee and cake make it all better!

And so to lunch. Coffee, pizza and a small beer (medicinal)

25km / 15.55 Miles ✅ Time to recharge the phone and me.

Slow going today, but I’m still going forward, other than for a little bit of this morning when I lost that path and went backwards 😳

Lots of Storks flying around and nesting in church towers.

Stay with me on this on it’s a bad’ish joke but seeing the cows reminded me of it and made me smile so i will tell it to you.

Two cows in a field. How do you know which one is on holiday?

The one with a wee calf! ( best said with and Irish accent for comedy effect).

30 miles today and unable to fully move my toes on my left foot. Very swollen but hey on the bright side I am in my room for the night and they have beer and food all here 😀


Rest - going to bed in a bit then once I get to Santiago Ice - got that once covered Compress - will do that later Elevate - will do that after dinner

Hydrate - started that now red wine and lemonade. Ohhhhh so good 😀😀

Total mileage done so far - 400 miles!! 4 days to go

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