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Robs 1000km Run...Day 5 to Day 8

Last night I ate like a king, I think I was the only guest at the hotel and the only person eating, Amazing place in Musculdy, France.

My review so far - Yes the views are amazing, the food has been great. But days are long and really tough physically and mentally. Dressing blisters is a pain in the arse - foot, tarmac is proper pants, the trails I was in today were stunning, the countryside is chocolate box beautiful. It’s not all drinking wine, beer and sitting in the sun shine you know. 😥 I am doing some running but mostly walking at the moment.

So into Day 5....I begin with Donkeys and hilltops. This is just like the black mountains and the Lake District only with much better weather. Starting my day with a 2 mile decent, if only I had my bike!!

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...a while later...

163 miles covered in total.

I am about 20 miles behind where I was planning but this is about the journey and St Jean Pied de Port is a beautiful town, so I have spent the afternoon here to do my admin.

My back pack and I were starting to smell so I have washed everything yet again. It now smells of green tea. Why they thought that would be a good smell I have no idea, still it’s all clean.

I have been to the shops and have enough food for a big push over the Pyrenees tomorrow, I hope to get a solid 25 - 30 miles in.

Some lessons from today: A little shot of coffee goes a long way Dead sheep really smell - they gather them up from the fields if they die and then the eagles, crows and ravens pick over them. Eagles are massive! I saw 4 on the ground - think they were eagles, the birds not the band. SJPDP (St Jean Pied de Port) is a beautiful town Having an afternoon off feels really naughty. 😀😀 It feels odd to have finished early today!

I am now waiting for dinner and something to rehydrate myself with.

Walking around the town of St Jean Pied de Port and you can smell the new people. They smell washing machine fresh. I truly do hope that I don’t smell as bad as I think I might do. Hand washing can only do so much!

I know what you all wanting to know. What did Rob have for dinner?!? Well .....

To start, a duck salad with turkey gizzards (in for a penny, in for a pound- they were great)

Main, spaghetti it had to be? Big day tomorrow - it’s carbo time. 😀😀 Then, I had a crepe - well I was full - they were amazing!!

All washed down with a beer and some water.

On walking through the town I came across the river that once protected the town in medieval time - olden days to any of you whipper snappers reading this - you really don’t want to go swimming 🏊🏻‍♀️ with that drop off 😥

Another stamp in my passport. Tomorrow I start the next section of the Way of St James through Spain and on to Santiago.

Only 400 ish miles to go. 😥😥😥😲

Oh and the tread on my trainers is quickly disappearing, all that tarmac. Still mountains tomorrow 😀😀 ⛰

You may also notice that the there is a liberal flourish with the spices around the spaghetti. All very impressive.

Day 6 - into them there mountains. Warm wind and the sunrise in the mountains.

Are we there yet? 4.2 miles in and 524 meters of climb. ⛰⛰💥💪🏻🌈

Goodbye France, our time together has been fun! It’s not you, it’s me. I have to move on....I have crossed over the border, due to steep inclines and my thighs killing me I have taken to walking downhill backwards - genius idea. Arrived at Erro, Spain and my feet needed lots of taping up!

Day 7 - In the words of Len Goodman - SEVEN!! 10 more days to go!!

26.6 Miles or 42 km completed today and I have arrived in Pamplona

What a week it has been, I will be very honest that during day 3 after 2 days just in roads with trucks and cars I was at a very low point. I knew that I had to get through the next 1.5 days to get on the proper pilgrim trail. What a trail it is!! through the next 1.5 days to get on the proper pilgrim trail. What a trail it is!!

The hills were alive yesterday with me singing going up hill and the air was blue when I was coming down hill!!

After 4 days on roads my knees were very very sore.

Blisters - this is just your feet’s way of saying that they need some love. It’s better to take 5-10 mins to sort out hot spots and blisters rather that have to live with them for days and days.

Highlight of the trip is seeing a wild stallion up in the mountains, it’s mane blown on the wind. It was as wild as winds that was blowing me all over the trail.

My least favourite part - the roads out of Toulouse. Hard unforgiving, lots of trucks and cars. But beautiful!

Tonight is my first night staying in a hostel - it’s lovely - with am currently drinking wine with an Irishman, Dutchman and a German. And the Irishman is a cook and has just made dinner for us all. And we want to leave Europe?!?

Best thing that is have purchased -gel insoles for my trainers. So far they great and have sorted out my knees (to a point)

The stats as they stand: 205 miles covered 40,000 average steps a day 207 floors averaged 3,495 kCals average burnt each day

Now for more food and a little wine. 😀

Enjoy your weekend!!

Look what I found between my toes! The blister not the white stuff.

No, I don’t have some odd kind of fungus, it’s from the tape I had on the bottom of my foot. I obviously I’d a great job of sorting it out. All lanced now and more tape on

I was a very brave boy, no tears and I got a sticker 😳💥

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So Day 8 out of Pamplona and on to Estella 28.61 miles covered.

What a beautiful sky this morning

Very warm today but very cold when I set off at 06:30. 9 hours 26 minutes with about 1 hour of stops for coffee, cake, lunch and looking at stuff.

I am currently sat on my bunk at the hostel, you can tell which one is mine as it has an explosion of kit that has all landed on the top bunk and not on my actual bunk. Always better to be on the bottom bunk so that you don’t have to climb out / fall out of bed. Oh and I have the room to myself at the moment.

My phone is still working after it decided to leap out of my hands as I was reading my morning inspiration text from Ali Phesse. Thank you Ali these make me smile each day - l love them, and love you ❤️❤️

Some of the pictures from today. Beautiful countryside and so many friendly people. It makes you feel good for the human race.

Rather than spending money on a retreat for 1000’s come on the Camino - it will change how you look at life.

Speaking of which, you will see from the picture below a bakery. I was going to get my lunch from there but then that “Cock” pushed in front of me and I just walked away. Normally I would have said something but I took a higher stance and walked away.

Very proud of myself.

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