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Robs Run 1000km...Day 1 to Day 4

So Day 1 is done 😥. The roads in France are lovely. Unfortunately I was running and walking along some very busy ones and no pavement. I took a detour on some small lanes and added 15km to my journey today but it was much better away from the traffic.

Before I took to the lanes I got the 2 very lovely apple tarts from a Super U. I was starting to flag and needed some food.

Then when I was on my last legs and starting to feel quite hangry around 14:300 and After 30 miles of pavement I got the worlds largest ham baguette and almond croissant. When you are feeling low with fatigue from exercise this was the perfect pick me up.

I finished today with 1 prevented blister and 1 actual blister and now have my feet up against the wall while I wait for my large pizza to arrive. 😀😀

Now to rest and do it all again tomorrow 😥🤣🏃🏻‍♂️💪🏻💥🏃🏻‍♂️

#ohmypoorfeet #robslongrun

Day 2 and my thoughts from day 1.

It turns out that it is not revenge that is a dish best served cold. Oh no, it’s pizza!! Pizza with anchovies- who would have thought it!?! The English owner of B&B I stayed in last night gave me a lift to pick up this little bad boy, I even tucked into not a small glass of red wine - only for I s antioxidant properties 🙄

With regards to my pack and it’s contents - if might need it, you really don’t need it.

Best items so far - other than food- blister tape, matches, safety pin and sun cream. Oh and gurney goo - look it up if you don’t know what it’s for, if you do know what it is, you will know what I am talking about😲

And so the end of day 2....

It was hot, I was hot, I have some very nice tan lines and salt marks in my t-shirt, shorts and backpack. I don’t think that I will need my salt tablets I can just lick my backpack. 😋

I went past a Foir Gras farm, where there were thousands of goslings, I have to say that they were in great conditions all outside. Felt very sorry for them and secretly hoped that they would organise a mass escape via a tunnel network.

I saw a memorial to the French Resistance fighters from WW II, very touching.

For information on the 3 charities I am raising money for click here

Lots of downhills today and my quads are letting me know about it, several descents of over a mile, then dead straight roads to the next village.

There are some beautiful houses over here and some that have just been left abandoned for what looks like years.

All in all a very pleasant day running, walking and eating in the French countryside.

And so Day 3....

Well it rained and then it rained some more, I was advised by the people at the hotel that the roads would be dangerous to run on as there was no hard shoulder and driving conditions were really bad.

So I got a taxi to Pau about 18 miles and then ran the remaining 16 ish miles from there on very small lanes.

This is The first day that google maps has taken me on some lovely trails. It’s also the first day it rains. Shocking conditions on the trails with lots of water, clay and big rock. But it was good fun 😀😀

Best bit today, seeing Just a door in a wall all preserved.

Then some kingfishers on a river and the houses, they are massive! And very French, beautiful.

Worst bit of today, no where to get any food. So hungry, I eat all the snacks I had and slowly ran out of juice (energy not water).

My bed yesterday had the longest pillow, really not sure how 2 people would share it. Dinner was a fishy affair and delicious!

Not many pics from today as worried about getting the phone really wet.

Day 4...the sun was back out, I cannot tell you how sore my feet, knees & hips are. I have travelled 23 miles today, lots of steep hills and a new blister! Just reached my hotel for the night, I need a beer (or 2) and to wash my kit...not far from the French/Spanish Border now

For information on the 3 charities I am raising money for click here

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