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Rob's Run 1000km in 17 days...the day before

Friday 13th April

3 fried eggs, bacon and brown bread, 3 coffees and that’s how I started my trip to Toulouse. Wondering around Gatwick airport minding my own business and I bump into 2 of my cousins and their family on the way to Orlando. Life can throw up these odd little meetings. It was lovely to see them and reminded me of how small our world is. As I write this part of my blog, we are landing in Toulouse. Somewhere I have not been to for over 30 years. The last time I was here was to see my Dad when he worked at Airbus industries based here at this airport. An important part of this journey is to remember my Dad who died suddenly 20 years ago from a massive heart attack while working for Airbus in Germany. Our health and fitness is the most important part of our lives. Above everything else it must come first as it allows us to provide for ourselves, our partners and our families. When my Dad was younger in the Royal Navy he was massively fit and healthy competing for the Fleet Air Arm field gun crew twice at the Royal Tournament in 1963 & 1966. When Dad left the Navy he stopped exercising, high blood pressure, high cholesterol. All the warning signs were there we just could see them. He was to young at 57 to pass away so suddenly. If you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol or sit at a desk all day or just don’t move around much. Please, please please do something about it. Make 1 or 2 changes in your life style and you will start to see really positive changes in your health. My first stamp has been stamped and I am now in my rented apartment, sorting out my gear for the next 17 days and eating and hydrating for the run tomorrow. 42 miles over 70,000 steps or 7000 calories. If you have already sponsored me, I thank you, the families and people helped by these charities thank you! If you have not already sponsored me please do click on the link below and together we can help to change lives. Please Donate and support these amazing charities

Thank you all for your support. Rob

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