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Staying Motivated After January

It's getting lighter in the morning and evenings, not so much that you want to fire up the BBQ just yet but there is a noticeable amount of light at 7AM and 5PM.

The problem is that most of us will have forgotten about their New Year's Pledge to get fitter, lose the fat they put on over Christmas (and leading up to Christmas), stop smoking or just to move more and sit less.

Goals! It's the only way that you will stick to that pledge, these are goals that you must share with someone else. You can't just keep it to yourself, remember that sharing is caring! Share it so that you stay honest to it and the other people will keep you honest!!


There will always be someone that you know who will try and stop you from reaching your goal, they will take great pleasure in stopping you. You know who they are, they are the people who say, "go on have a biscuit, what harm will one do?", "come on, have a drink with me" or "If you do that, then who will come out with me?" My favourite that I overheard someone say to their friend "you will never do it, so just give up. You don't have the willpower for it!"

This is 100% about them, they are feeling guilty for not doing anything and they want to keep you from doing it so that they will feel better about themselves. They are projecting their fears onto you. If you complete this goal then you will be fitter, you will be more healthy and you will in their minds be more attractive than them.

These people do not have your best interests at heart!

So what can you do to stay super motivated to Smash Your Goals??

Connect with your reason WHY

This can be the hardest part for some people - understanding the real reason behind and under the covers of WHY we want to reach a particular goal. Personally we can spend a very long time with our clients to get to the bottom of why they want to do something.

  • Bullied as a child

  • Bullied as an adult

  • Never feeling that they fit in

  • Negative relationships with people

  • Negative relationships with food

  • Body confidence issues & dysmorphia

  • Medically obese - need to lose weight to avoid medical conditions

Once you understand WHY this is so important to you, you will move heaven and earth to make it happen. Nothing will stand in your way!

Set and Check In With Your Goals

Write down your goals and be really descriptive - Make it real!

By 20th May I will have lost 8kg of body fat from all over my body, I will feel amazing as I walk around the pool on holiday. I will have worked on toning my whole body and the results are amazing. I have loads of energy and people are giving me wonderful compliments about how I look and feel.

This goal has an end date, what the goal is, it describes their feelings once they have reached the goal and what other people are saying about them.

Checking in with the goal:

In order to make sure you are on track you need to have data - this is where you track how you are doing, in the same way that you will check your bank balance, have a review at work with your boss or if you are the boss then checking how your business is doing with your accountant.

Information is key to knowing if you are on track.

If you want to lose weight, then knowing where you started, where you will finish and all of the data points (when you weigh/measure yourself) in between are critical to you reaching your goal.

If you want to run your first 5k then understanding how far you can run now, how much you will run by the end (5k) and then we can build a plan as to how to get from NOW to THEN.

Future predict how you will feel and how you will be seen by others.

Have A Plan

Without a plan to populate it all is just meaningless information.

Trying to remember what you have done from one day to the next can be challenging, our lives are busy and we all at some point forget what we have done.

So having a plan will help to keep you super focused on your goal.

For me a I have a super scary goal that is to run from Toulouse to Santiago on the Camino de Santiago just over 1000 km (600 miles) in 17 days or less. I have never done anything like this and for a while I was just content to bumble along without really tracking my workouts. I was in denial!!

I did this for a while and was wondering why I was getting more and more tired. Looking at my times and results I was getting slower not faster. You see I had broken the cardinal rule of goals - I HAD NOT BEEN FOLLOWING A PLAN! I was making it up as I went along.

My ego got in the way, I am a health and fitness professional, I know what to do, I know how to train to get the best out of me. Only I didn't plan so I had no data! I rushed the plan phase and skipped straight to taking action to get stronger and fitter. That's great but I was getting in the way of my own success.

In the last 2 months I have been working to a build plan, then last week I switched to a new plan to mix things up a bit. Below is the plan that I am now following for the next 11 weeks before I start my run in April. This shows what I am doing for this week - one chunk at a time!

By setting it out in the plan, I know what's coming up and importantly what I have done. I can put in comments about what I did and how I felt doing it. I can build in progression and I know when I will be having rest weeks. Yes I rest / reduce my training every 4 weeks so that I can recover. Without tracking my workouts and intensity I would be in danger of missing out on this recovery phase.

This is the data that I need to be successful and having this information at hand will change the way that you train and the results that you will get.

It keeps you focused on your goals.

Key takeaway for Plans - Don't be afraid to adjust the plan if it is not working for you!! If it's too much then break it down into smaller steps/goasl - it will take longer to reach your goal, however you will increase your ability to reach and be more likely to succeed.

Be Accountable

Having someone train with you, working with you as your buddy to keep you focused or even investing in a trainer to hold you accountable are key to your success.

Sometimes we all need a little extra nudge to make something real. We have worked with clients for all types of goals, from the smallest to the very biggest life changing series of goals that you can think of.

What got them all through it? A support network, knowing that there were people looking out for them and keeping them on track when they wanted to slack off. Their support network would not let them as they all knew what they were trying to achieve. They were all brought into the goal, the Outcome that had been talked about for so long.

We have seen it so many times with people that have come into see us or from a conversation on the phone. Their goals had not been realised because they did not have the support network in place, or no set of clearly defined goals, no plan on how to make those goals a reality and no strong reason WHY they wanted to do it!

Being accountable will mean that you are way more focused on the outcome of your goal, with almost laser beam focus on what you will reach and what it will mean to you.

Make Sure You Stay Connected To The 4 Items Above:

So stay connected to your goals!

Know your Outcomes

Have a plan

Check in on your plan each week to make sure you are on track

Adjust the plan if you need to

Be honest with yourself

Be accountable and honest to those that are helping you!

If you would like to have a chat about any of the items above please do get in contact via the link below:

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