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Believe In Yourself, Believe In Your Outcome!

As I’m sat here about to start writing this blog, Ali has just asked "did I really just win them?" looking at the 3 gold medals and 2 silver medals! "Yes I did" I said.

We have just come back from Manchester, where Ali was swimming at the British National Masters Championships. Where not only did Ali exceed her expectations on the medal front but also gained a new British Record for her age group in 100 free (plus just 2 hundredths away from another GB record in 50 back – she'll get that one next time!)

Ali has been laser focused on her training for this event, putting the hours in at the pool and on land (admittedly more of the latter!) to focus on strength, endurance and her stroke. But what Ali has been doing more than ever is to focus on mindset and creating a positive mental attitude, which can make all the difference when it comes to winning and losing.

What I want to get across to everybody on here is that no matter what your goals are, if you haven’t got the mindset right you will simply not achieve it. Whether it be getting a British Record, losing half a stone, starting a new exercise regime, or wanting to have more ‘me’ time you have to get the mind and belief right. So here are my 5 tips to a great mindset that will help you achieve your goals.

1. Set a goal that you want to achieve – set one right now, write it down and have it handy to read whenever you need to be reminded (read it daily!). Depending on the goal, break it down into small achievable steps with a realistic time limit. You are more likely to achieve if you can take small steps to reach the bigger goal.

  • Short Term (Lots of small steps you can take towards your Long Term goal)

  • Medium Term (First major milestone in your plan to a Long Term Goal, you will have several of these)

  • Long Term (The big Outcome, everything has lead you to this point, give it a date and make it real.)

2. Get Support. Tell those around you about your goal and how much it matters to you and get the support from each and every one. This is crucial to success as support can help drive you towards your goal, they can also offer words of help and comfort when you lack motivation and be there to congratulate you when you succeed.

3. Look at all areas of your life. For a great mindset, it’s important to address all aspects of your life – Work, Friends & Family, Relationships, Health & Body, Money & Finances, Emotional & Spiritual Growth, Social & Fun, Community & Giving.

Ask yourself - where are you now, where do you want to be & what one thing can you do now to improve EACH area.

Once your start to address each aspect of your life you begin to create a vision for your ideal self with a clear destination and outcome.

Commit to a daily diary check – reviewing, planning and checking that you are improving each area of your life as you go along.

4. Have a mantra that works for you. One that can inspire and motivate you towards your goals. Tell yourself regularly that you are strong and powerful and can ‘achieve if you believe’ (don’t be afraid of looking at yourself in a mirror and saying this out loud a few times each day!). It can also help to have post-it notes around the house reminding you of your goal/s and motivating words such as ‘I can do this’ etc.


5. Have Self Belief –Drop negative thoughts and actions. Don’t let anything or anyone stop you….BE THE BEST YOU CAN POSSIBLY BE and NEVER EVER EVER EVER GIVE UP!

Good luck in all you want to achieve For me, I now have my sights set on more British Records and to compete next year in European Masters….

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