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Camino de Santiago Training Update

Well it's Just over 3 months until I undertake my challenge of a lifetime.

To run from Toulouse in France to Santiago in Northern Spain. A trip of 1000 kilometers or 600 miles.

I have run Ultra marathons in the past but nothing on this scale, my aim is to complete the distance in 17 days or less. That's an average of 35 miles per day for the 17 days.

If I think about the whole distance I start to feel i little but sick, so in my head I have broken the whole thing down to running from cafe to cafe for the entire route. I am very much motivated by my stomach, and do like a black coffee!!

My current training consists of:

Running 4-5 times a week (30 - 40 miles a week)

Strength & Conditioning sessions 4-5 times a week (6 hours a week)

2 Active recovery days where I just walk with a 17kg backpack, slow walks with the Mawgan the dog

Around 13 hours of running and workouts with another 4-5 hours with the backpack.

I am working to a 4 week build programme where I slowly increase my mileage and S&C sessions for 3 weeks then on the 4 week I reduce the load by 40 - 50% to allow my body to recover. Then I pick up from week 3 and build again for the next 3 weeks.

With my knee operation just 6 weeks ago I am feeling good and my knee is feeling strong.

If you would like to know more about my training or how you can improve your health and fitness please get in contact via our enquiry form.

If you would like to sponsor me please visit my virgin money page:

It's for 3 amazing charities, just a few pounds will make a massive difference to the lives of the families and people that these charities help, comfort and support each day.

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