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Faster Than 16 Years Ago

From success at the LEN European Masters to breaking more county records and personal best’s. 16 years ago Martin tried out for the Olympic trials and missed out on the qualifying time and always felt that he never truly reached his potential and never broke the 30 second mark for 50 Breastroke (SC). Fast forward 16 years and he has done it!!

He has beaten his own lifetime PB’s across the board!!

So what has helped with the increase in Speed, Strength & Stamina and to be faster than 16 years ago when he was an elite swimmer?

Is he swimming more times each week, swimming for hours on end and covering an insane amount of metres each week?

No – Martin has 3 focused swimming sessions a week.

You see Martin has introduced Strength & Conditioning to his weekly training 2 / 3 times a week

Here's an extract from this month's City of Southampton Swimming Club newsletter:

Martin actually broke all 5 county records at the County Champs.

This year Martin wanted to do something different, something that would take him back to where he knew he could be with his swimming.

We looked at everything that Martin was doing from his nutrition, swim stroke and whole body strength.

Now Martin will not mind me saying this - before the training with us he had suffered a few injuries, nothing really major just things that happen when your body is not as strong as it could be and it starts to breakdown under increased pressure / stress.

After just 6 weeks of Strength & Conditioning work Martin was starting to increased speed in the water and more definition in his body.

After 12 weeks Martin had made performance gains in all areas of his swimming, changed his body shape and recovered from an injury on his knee. Martin had feared that the injury would stop him from competing at his favourite discipline – Breastroke.

Martin is living proof that it's never too late to be at your best! If you put the effort into your training, are consistent with your approach to nutrition and exercise you will build a stronger faster body.

If you would like to achieve lifetime best times and develop strength, speed, and stamina in your racing and competitions whether you are a beginner or an elite athlete please do get in touch

Martin pictured at the LEN European Championships in London 2016

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