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Why Am I Not Progressing?

That is the top question that we receive every week!

As a coach my answers are always the same:

  • What did you have to eat yesterday and the day before?

  • Can I see the plan that you have been working towards?

  • When did you last change your programme?

  • When did you stop seeing progression in your times and training?

  • When did you last truly push yourself to the point of exhaustion?

  • When did you have your last rest day?

  • How well do you sleep?

  • What do you do for a living?

Your truthful answers to these questions will get you RESULTS!


Your food is the most important thing that you put into your body, if you’re not putting the right food in you will not get the right results out of it. You are a high performance machine, and to be the best high performance machine that you can be, you need to have the right fuel onboard to get the most out of it. You would not put petrol in a diesel car as it will not work correctly. Your body is the same - put rubbish calories in and get rubbish performance out!

Get your Nutrition right and you will feel better from the inside out; this will help you to perform towards your maximum ability!

Your Programme / Plan

Firstly you need a plan, without a plan or even recording what you’ve been doing how can you tell if you are progressing? Your plan and recording how you felt after the session are all key data points that show progression or regression. If you don’t have a Plan – YOU NEED TO GET ONE!

Progress comes about from careful planning and monitoring of what you are doing. The down side of not recording what you are doing and having no real plan to your training is that at worst it is inconsistent and you never see the true benefits of what you are trying to achieve or you are over training and then start to see that your times and efforts are going up because your body has not had enough rest.

If you have not seen any progression in your training it’s normally down to a couple of reasons:

You are not increasing the intensity of your sessions and your body has become accustomed to it and you have hit a plateau in your training

You are over training and your body does not have enough time to recover between sessions.

The first one is easy to fix – slowly increase the intensity of your sessions by around 10% over 3 weeks, in the 4th week drop the intensity by 40 %. Then do the same for each 4 week block. Write down your sessions – plan them out and fill in how you felt during the session. This is invaluable information as it will show you progression.

The second is also easy to fix - once you get your head around it!!! You need to have more rest periods!!! Simple as that!

Oh, you need to record your sessions against your plan! And write down how you felt during your session.

If you are getting colds, feeling unwell and generally under the weather you are probably overtraining, it’s a generalisation but it tends to run true when you look at what someone is doing not just in their exercise, but their daily lives and how they are refuelling for the next session.


  • Have A PLAN! - YOUR PLAN

  • Write down against each session how you felt and any progressions

  • Steadily increase each week and cut back on the 4 week by 40 % to allow for recovery

  • Make your training specific to want you are going to do.

  • Eat healthy whole food to fuel your body for what you want it to do.

  • Sleep – make sure you are getting enough of this, it’s as important as the training!

If you would like any help in getting the most out of your training and competitions please get in contact and we can look at your training plan and areas where you can make performance gains!

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