Feeling low in energy, and not able to focus?


Leaving you feeling left behind at work, with your children and in your relationships.

Learn how you can burn that fat and keep it off?

Build lean muscle that will help to keep the fat off and leave you with more confidence and a stronger, more powerful body, a body that is full of energy.


We have spaces for 20 new clients in our programme that is specifically tailored for men just like you.


I Have Been Just Like You

You see, I have been just like you. I worked behind a desk for years then one day I noticed that I had packed on a whole load of weight, my suits were just about fitting me (I used to tell myself that they had shrunk at the dry cleaner).


I would travel all over the country working with clients in Banking – Confectionary and hundreds more. Eating at hotels, entertaining clients and trying to get some exercise in. I was stumbling my way to an early grave all because I was neglecting the most important thing in my life

My Health & Fitness

Jamies Story


I'll never forget -first and foremost- the grounding and clear guidance that you gave me on the build up to my first marathon but also how inspiring you were as a coach. 2 years ago, I was 104kgs and disappointed with myself: what a huge contrast now...




  • Negative Habits that hold them in the past

  • Negative self talk



  • Confidence and Self-esteem 

  • Lean Muscle

  • Strength, Speed & Stamina

  • Bags of Energy


Finding new healthy habits that will last a life time, habits that strip body fat and build a stronger more Powerful version of you!


Matthew's Story


What a difference it has made to my training and competing! 


As a Triathlete I have never felt stronger going into a race season. 


The workouts have been easy to follow and your coaching points have really helped me to understand why I am doing what I am doing.


Thank you!

So, How Does It Work?

We work with clients all over the UK and some international ones as well.


It really does not matter where you are, we have Face 2 Face and remote coaching clients.


We will help you to reach your goals from:

  • Weight Loss

  • Sporting Performance

  • Nutritional advice

  • Building Confidence


Just want to be a little bit fitter or want to run a marathon? We work with everyone from complete beginners through to professional athletes.


We will improve your performance through the use of good nutrition and applied sessions that build Strength, Speed, Stamina and Confidence.


Martin's Story


I first met Rob 2 years ago when I was recovering from an injury to my knee after attempting the 3 peaks challenge.


After a consultation with Rob we embarked on a remote coaching programme. 


After a few weeks I could feel my body getting stronger, after 6 weeks I was seeing great changes in my physique and that my clothes were getting baggy in all the right places.


I am proud to say that I have now set new lifetime best times - something that I never did even when I was trying out for the Olympics aged 19. I have since completed at the European and World Masters swimming competitions. 


I feel fitter and stronger that ever before!

Reverse The Ageing Process

Getting older does not mean we have to have a middle age paunch or put up with a body in our 30 / 40's that is going on 70.


We all have the ability and choice to make it better. This is your chance to join our amazing programme that will see you feeling more confident and powerful in your body!


We have coached Hundreds of people who have had bodies that have aged before they needed to; all because of too much body fat and too little exercise.


It starts with a small step.


Click on the "Take Action NOW" button below and complete the form. 


We will then contact you to arrange a time when you can talk to look at what you want to achieve and ensure that you are fully commited to making an amazing change in your life.


This is a limited time offer and these places go fast.


Be an Action Taker and Take Back Control Of Your Life

This program is for you if…


+ You’re Finally done with the quick hitting, cheap, crash diets that hold your favourite foods hostage and leave you feeling miserable.


+ You’re Ready to make a long-lasting, SUSTAINABLE, transformation to your body so that you have bags of confidence and energy.


+ You Want to transform your body but don’t have an endless supply of hours to spend at a gym (everything you’ll do with us can be done from the comfort of your home).


+ You simply Want to be shown exactly what to do, when and how to do it without any confusing math or mind numbingly strict diets.


+ You Are willing to be coached online and over the phone.


+ You Have at least 20 minutes 3x a week to workout from your own home. 


+ You Want to join a community of busy men just like you who are all driven to take back their power and control of the way they look and feel while having fun doing it.


+ You Want support and guidance from coaches who care about you and your success, so that you stay on track to hit all your goals and never feel overwhelmed or alone.


+ You Want to Ditch the anxiety around feeling good for the summer.


+ You Want to Stop buying clothes that allow you to hide your problem areas so you can start wearing clothes you actually like… and feel strong and powerful in.


+ You’ve been putting everyone else’s wants, needs and desires ahead of your own health and now you’re ready to ‘press play’ on your goals to finally be the powerful man that you know is inside you.


+ You're Ready to get started on your transformation & can invest in yourself to do it.

Here's What You Get If You Get Accepted Into The Programme 

We'll Teach You How To Get Motivated & Stay Motivated, For Life.


Over the years we've learnt a huge amount around the psychology of change and what it takes to create the biggest and longest lasting transformations, over the next 90 days we are going to show you step by step how to develop your mindset, build determination and best of all, feel the Power and Strength in Your body.


Motivation Coaching worth £500

Workouts You Can Do From Anywhere.


Step-By-Step and Easy-To-Follow workouts you can do from any where that are specifically designed to be fun, burn fat, improve your fitness in  just 30 minutes or less (No, this is NOT one of those dance workouts). We will give you all the tools you need to build a Stronger more Powerful body. Whether you are a complete beginner or you're looking to improve your sporting performance our programme will get you amazing results.


Weekly workout plans covering suspension straps, bodyweight & free weights worth over £400

Quick Delicious, Family Friendly Recipes

Step-By-Step and Easy-To-Follow recipe book and meal plans for making fat loss easy and sustainable, even with a busy schedule. 


Meal plans and recipe book worth £80.00

Suspension Bodyweight Trainer


Included in your programme is our commercial grade suspension bodyweight trainer. This one bit of kit can be used anywhere, its great fun to use and gets you amazing results. 


1 bit of kit that can do hundreds of exercises!


Worth £138

90 Days Of Support

With a private support group, emails, education videos, live calls and so much more, we'll be right by your side to guide you through each and every day, through the highs and lows, we'll make it happen. 


Building your confidence and power!!


Worth over £400

Total Package Value Of £1518


Yours For Only £499


Thats a saving of over £1000!


Spaces are limited - Take Action Now To Secure Your Place


It's Time To Take Back Control!

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