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Strength training exercises should be in every swimmers training regime and any swimmer can add strength and speed to their stroke by using the BIT.  We are proud to be a part of the Mark Foster Swim Academy coaching team where swimmers get to understand the importance of their land training needs during the MFSA one day training camps.


The BIT allows a swimmer to maintain fluidity and momentum which transfers to water easier than pure weight training. It also adds a rotational component which is important for proper swimming technique.

Swim Performance is all about developing stronger bodies to be more efficient and effective in the water. We offer online strength training programmes to swimmers and triathletes, from beginners right through to elite athletes.


We have proven that by building strength, speed and stamina on land can increase your performance dramatically in the water and can help prevent injury and fatigue later on in your racing and competitions.


Using bodyweight, weights and BIT suspension bodyweight training our 12 weeks online training not only focuses on training the body but also training the mind as well as dealing with nutrition, stretching & flexibility.



iDailyWorkOut was set up with the primary aim of making exercise and nutritional advice accessible to everyone; we are here to provide you with all the right information you need to get fitter, leaner and more aware of what you are doing (exercise) and eating (lifestyle).


With an online community to help motivate and encourage you, you will achieve your goals.

We offer the convenience of a personalised fitness/nutrition programme from the comfort of your own home which is tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Why will it work? As you work out at your convenience, you’re likely to be more motivated and stick to the training. With hundreds of detailed exercises, workouts and programmes along with nutrition tracking,  we offer all the tools you need to succeed right at your fingertips.


iDailyWorkOut will help you create a long lasting change to your performance, mobility, strength, nutrition and all areas of your life. With additional skype calls or face to face training, our programmes are built with you in mind, no matter what your goal, aspiration or needs. Your virtual trainer is available 24 hours a day. It’s a gym, only online! 


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