The most successful changes are inspired from the top!

With people working longer and longer hours, more people taking time off because of stress. finding the balance between work, homelife and time for you can be really hard when you are just focused on one area of your life. This is key to helping most people to unlock the stress that is felt at every level within a company.

From logging on when you get home, starting work 2 - 3 hours before 09:00 and leaving late. Eating your lunch at your desk are all signs that you are living to work and not working to live.

The ability to improve the lives and health of your staff start at the very top of the company. We have worked with companies, teams and individuals to ensure that their health and wellness are at the top of their list. 

Prioritising health and wellness has improved productivity and staff retention leading to not only improved performance but an increase in revenue generated by those teams. 


Healthy Teams = Healthy Companies 

When we talk about health and wellness it does not mean that you are fit or skinny, your health and wellness is everything that you do and are. There are multiple levels to your health, you can have abundance in one area and famine in another.

Feeling low in energy, and not able to focus?


Feeling left behind at work, with your children and in your relationships & unable to connect on an emotional level

I Have Been Just Like You

I worked behind a desk for years then one day I noticed that I had packed on a whole load of weight, my suits were just about fitting me (I used to tell myself that they had shrunk at the dry cleaner).

My focus at work was down, I was getting more and more tired both in and out of work. I was sick and had no idea what I was doing to myself.


I would travel all over the country working with clients in Banking – Confectionary and hundreds more. Eating at hotels, entertaining clients and trying to get some exercise in. I was stumbling my way to an early grave all because I was neglecting the most important thing in my life - My Health and Wellness.

It was then that I resolved to get myself more active to improve not only my health but my performance within the team that I managed.

With a few simple changes we exceeded the teams revenue targets,  improved the overall health of the team and setup easy to replicate ideas and processes for other teams to emulate. 


This for me was the turning point in understanding how successful teams support each other to mutually agreed outcomes that involve not only revenue but health and wellness goals.  

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