About Us

The BIT Suspension Bodyweight Trainer and our personal and online coaching programmes can be used by everyone, no matter what age or ability - a complete beginner to the experienced athlete.


It's so versatile, that the BIT can be used anywhere - indoors, outdoors, at home or in the gym. Hundreds of exercises can be performed with this one BIT of kit - It is literally a whole gym in a bag!


Whether you want to get fitter, enhance the sport or exercise you are doing already, support a weight loss/gain programme or build amazing core strength, Suspension Bodyweight Training using the BIT will develop not only your whole body strength but also your endurance and flexibility. 


We have a 100% FREE course for you to try today which includes 3 suspension bodyweight exercise programmes that will build whole body strength as well as balance and flexibility and help prevent injuries. Also included is a 7 day meal plan to get your nutrition on track. 

The BIT was designed and developed by us in 2012. Our vision has been to produce a high quality British manufactured fitness product that would be accessible to everyone.


We use only top quality components that have been tried and tested for many years. Whilst we recognise there are many other suspension bodyweight trainers out there, the one thing you should never compromise on is quality and durability which is why the BIT should be your trainer of choice.


Exceptional customer service and high product quality are at the very foundations of our promise to you.


Once you have bought a BIT, our goal is to provide you with complete customer satisfaction enabling you to work safely with great programmes and exercises to achieve maximum benefits. 

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